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Apart but never far from our hearts.



Placing an order

Place an order for the keepsake jewellery you desire from our online store. After which, an automated email will be sent to you with your order confirmation and instructions on how to proceed from there. You can either mail the ashes/hair/fur to us, or delivery it personally.

Each keepsake jewellery piece requires 1 gram or 1/3 teaspoon of ashes. If possible, do bring us the fine-grain, powdery-type of ashes. If you only have bones, we can also pulverise them for you. Put it into a small ziplock bag and label it with your name and order number.

If you have hair/fur which you would like to turn into a keepsake jewellery piece, we only require a couple of strands. We will either put the hair/fur directly into our jewellery or burn it and turn it into a powder before putting it into our remembrance pieces- this depends on your preference which we will clarify with you first before proceeding. Put it into a small ziplock bag and label it with your name and order number.

After receiving your order and ashes/hair/fur, we will proceed to make your keepsake jewellery.

Our rings are first lined with a layer of the ashes/hair/fur passed to us. After it has set, we will put a layer of crushed opals above it. Some clients request that the ashes be visible; in this case, we mix the ashes and opals together.

Our 18k Rose Gold collection will also be first lined with the ashes provided to us. We will document the entire process of making the keepsake jewellery for each customer so they will be assured that the ashes/hair/fur passed to us have gone into the jewellery they purchased.

We will notify you when your order is complete. We can either mail it to you, or you can collect it personally. We'd highly recommend you collect it yourself since this is such a precious and sensitive item.

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