About us

Apart.sg is a jewellery brand from Singapore that specialises in creating keepsake jewellery in the form of- cremation rings, and keepsake 18k Rose Gold necklaces and bracelets. We have since expanded our services to Taiwan and Malaysia.

We are a team that understands the difficulties of having lost someone or something close to us, or simply miss having them just by our sides. Letting go is incredibly difficult but at least holding a part of someone or something we have loved and keeping it close makes us feel like we aren't truly apart.

We turn human ashes, pet ashes, hair/fur, and personally belongings into beautiful keepsake jewellery.

Human ashes and pet ashes can be requested from the crematorium or funeral parlours here in Malaysia to create these keepsakes. If there are no ashes, a single strand of hair is enough for us to work with.

Our mission is to help our clients immortalise a memory that is never to be forgotten.