Letting go is never easy but having a part of them with you makes it easier.

We respectfully infuse ashes of the departed into our keepsake jewellery of your choice to immortalise a memory that will never be forgotten.

Keepsake Jewellery | Pet Ashes | Human Ashes | Malaysia

Our keepsake jewellery...

- Lovingly and respectfully hand-crafted in Kuala Lumpur.

- Quality assured with only top-grade materials used.

- Minimalistic and timeless designs suitable for both men and women.

- A memory that will last forever.

  • Assurance a priority

    Documents the process of making each piece of jewellery so every client is assured that the ashes/bones/hair/fur passed to us have gone into the jewellery they've ordered.

  • Service with a heart

    Has a physical store and schedules an in-person appointment with every client to personally receive the sensitive ashes/bones/hair/fur of the departed and explain our processes.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    Encourages all customers to come by to have a look at our samples, try, touch and feel so they can make a better decision on what they might want to get. We then take our customer's measurements to ensure the jewellery fits them perfectly.

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Discover heartfelt keepsake jewellery in Malaysia that is made anytime after funerals and cremations.

Whether it is for a pet or a loved one lost, our exquisite collections offers personalised designs to hold a token of remembrance, providing solace and preserving cherished memories.

Keepsake jewellery | Pet ashes | Human ashes | Hair | Fur | Memorial Jewellery | Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur

Gone but never forgotten.

A subtle way to immortalise the memory of your loved one as a promise to honour and keep them with you always.

Preserve a memory now